Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fans in Jerseys

The word "Fan" is short for "Fanatic" when used in the context of cheering for any event.

I like being a fan, as most of you do too.

But sometimes it goes a little too far.

What annoys me are the people wearing game Jerseys of their team to sporting events, or even when they are just going out and not to a game..

I mean, c'mon...

Last week I see a guy wearing an L.A. Kings jersey, for Anze Kopitar.

I yell out to him, "Hey, nice game last night" He gives me a stunned, confused look.

I keep going:

ME:   Great game last night

HIM:  Oh... no... I don't play for the team, I'm just wearing the jersey.

EXACTLY! Take it off douchebag.

Even worse is going over to a friend's place and having to look at the idiot's wearing jerseys while we are watching a game on TV.

As my friend Whitney says, "Do I dress up as a dead hooker when I'm at home watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit???"

So leave the fucking player Jersey's off when your going out with your chick or watching sporting events on television.  Let the real players wear them so I don't have to watch some overweight bald guy with an XXXXL jersey strut around like he's going into the game soon.


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