Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sports Radio

I LOVE sports radio.

Especially the Jim Rome show.  But mostly, I love when people call in to weigh in on the latest events.

But here's what really annoys me...

A guy calls in to the Rome Show today talking about the Denver Broncos Football Team.  Every second word is "we" and "our" He says "WE have to shore up our defense"  and "OUR coach should have been fired a few weeks ago.




Hey pal, do you play for the team?  Work for the team?  Own the team?  Is the owner cutting you a paycheck every week? I think not.

So next time you people call into a sports talk show, leave the "we" and "our" to the good folks who actually PLAY for the team or work there.  It 'aint YOUR team.

Your just a lousy slob who watches the team on television or goes to a game when you get a free ticket.

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