Monday, December 6, 2010

taking a piss

Ok.  We've all been there before guys.

Your in a bar and have to go take a piss.

You go to the bathroom, and your at a urinal next to another guy and your both a little hammered.  The guy looks at you and says. "Hey you just rent beer, huh?   Ha Ha Ha"

Or the other equally clever line is "I guess this is where all the dicks hang out"

So here's the challenge for all of you that have uttered these idiotic lines hundreds of times:  if your gonna speak while I'm taking a leak come up with an original line that is actually funny.

Don't annoy me while I am trying to get out of the bathroom of this shit-hole bar as quickly as possible.

Honorable Mention goes to Bernie Wilson, who always yells out: "C'mon fellas, Chop, Chop" when there is a lineup for the pisser at a Rockets Game and he has to wait.

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